The RFU Injured Players Foundation Rugby Runners day 2014 was a fantastic success over the weekend with 80 participants in attendance. The day was opened up to all Princes Forum charity runners, with 14 charities represented it was a great opportunity for all the marathon runners to join forces, share tips and take in as much information before their last few months of training.

Simon Barugh, a long term IPF fundraiser has just completed a remarkable 300km trek through Spain. The trek was called ‘Camino de Santiago Primitivo’ which means the Prime/first path to Santiago. The trek started in the Spanish city of Oviedo and after 12 days of relentless trekking these endurance warriors arrived in the beautiful city of Santiago de Compestelo.

Playing 26 matches across the UK in one long weekend, the Essex Bishops' Ruggerthon event is hoping to set a world record and raise funds for IPF.

The IPF brought another highlight into an increasingly busy schedule for Blackburn RFC teenager George Claxton when he was a guest at the England v South Africa QBE International at Twickenham.

Real Stories

  • KJ's Story

    "There wasn’t a single day that the IPF and the club weren’t there for me. It has made me appreciate rugby even more.”

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  • Jamie's Story

    “Life is not the same as it was but a million times better than it could have been."

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  • Jack's Story

    "The most important thing has been the personal approach, the IPF became our extended family.”

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